Explore the Garden of the Sea in Non-Violent PSVR2 Adventure, Launching February 22, 2023

Neat Corporation has actually announced on the PlayStation Blog that Garden of the Sea, a farming title based on exploration, will be introduced on February 22, 2023, for PlayStation VR2. It is also the virtual reality heads' launch day. Garden of the Sea provides players the chance to create their own gardens and produce a variety of things that they can develop individually, consisting of bamboo, wood, stones, plant parts and more. Animals can also be stroked and fed with vegetables.

designs your house and makes a boat journey

In Garden of the Sea, players can equip their home with numerous furniture, things and colors and go to fishing on the pond to discover brand-new good friends or to unwind alone. It is likewise possible to eliminate with a boat and check out new countries and various types of environments. Features of Garden of the Sea according to the producer: Make and construct gardens everything that requires it to create it. Strokes and feeds the animal species with self-grown vegetables and snuggles their infants. Expanded and decorated your house by making items, furnishings and color. Go to the pond and fishing.


  • Drive on a boat to discover colony and environmental types.
  • Fulfills missions to expose the concealed trick of every island. The makers explain that there is no violence in Garden of the Sea, so that the offspring can also go on a journey to the virtual world. Sony composes in the FAQ to PSVR2: The PSVR2 headset is not appropriate for children under the age of 12. Garden of the Sea has actually been available for PC-VR systems on Steam given that the start of 2022 and has actually so far been really favorable examined. The price is just over 20 euros. Additional reports about PlayStation VR2:
  • More than 100 video games in development
  • Sony publishes Ultimate FAQ on the PS5 headset According to today's statement, Garden of the Sea is one of the launch titles of PlayStation VR2 and thus joins more than 30 video games that have been verified for the publication stage. A trailer for the VR experience can be started below. An interview with the developers is likewise waiting on interested readers on the PlayStation Blog site. By filling the video you accept the data security statement from YouTube.

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