Here's What We Know About the Upcoming Detective Pikachu Sequel Movie

In 2019, master detective Pikachu wound up an adjustment of the 3DS title at the time. And in the end, the film for the Legendary Home entertainment production was also a success.

The work of director Rob Letterman has flushed around $433 million into the cash registers-and hence also broken a couple of records 4 years ago. It was no surprise that a follow-up was just confirmed a brief time later on. But it has actually become very quiet about the follow-up.

finally an indication of life!

In an interview with Polygon, a representative for Legendary Entertainment reported that the sequel to master investigator Pikachu is still in active advancement. It has actually obviously not been set-if the celebrations of the debut at the moment do not understand much about the existing situation about the job. In 2021, this made an interview with star Justice Smith, who plays the leading role of Tim Goodman, more than clear. So the 27-year-old actor is still thinking about the sequel-disabled here that we will ever see it. The declaration by Legendary Home entertainment is now a minimum of a little hope. The two authors of the original Benji Sam it and Dan Hernandez-Sind are presently not associated with any conversations, which they just recently exposed in an interview. Pokémon fans still need to remain client.

The cast by master detective Pikachu

In addition to the Justice Smith currently pointed out, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was likewise part of the film. He offered master detective Pikachu his voice in the original. In the role of reporter Lucy Stevens stood in front of the cam. We will soon see the actress in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where she will play the child of Ant-Man as a Cassie Lang. Vocalist Rita Ora also came from the cast of the movie.


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