How Osayamen Osawe Went From Ingolstadt to Erfurt: A Look At His Transfer Story

FC Roadway Erfurt and therefore the Regionally Northeast is richer: Seamen Osage signs up with the Performers. The 29-year-old striker originates from the English fifth department Halifax Town, however has actually currently left sustainable traces in German club football in his profession. For 1. FC Kaiserslautern and FC Ingolstadt 04, the English-born Englishman ran 73 times in the 2nd Bundesliga and scored eleven goals (all for the FCK). In the 3rd department there are even 109 games with 26 hits, here the Caleche FC and KFC Herding 05 were the stations.

According to WE, this past was decisive for the transfer, due to the fact that the present chief coach Fabian Gerber was a member of the FC Ingolstadt training staff in 2018/19 when Osage was utilized there 16 times in the first half of the season.


Gerber is convinced that his club has made the best option with Osage: With Okayama Osage, we win other offensive alternatives and make certain that he will assist us play a good 2nd half of the season. The brand-new striker had also expressed the wish to be able to play again in Germany in the joint conversations. Something has actually also happened on the shipment side: Simon Roster (SG Wattenscheid 09) and Zeke Zambrano (FC at the Fawner Home) were adopted soon before the transfer window was closed.


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