How to Unlock a Flying Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

A flying broom is one of the reliable means of transportation in Hogwarts's Heritage, which can help you quickly overcome some distance and get to places that are not available earlier. However, obtaining a flying broom Hogwarts Heritage can take some time, and players wonder when they can fly over Hogwarts and Hogs mid. Fortunately, we are here to explain how players can get a flying broom in Hogwarts Legacy and really imbued with the spirit of a witch/wizard and move in rural areas from the air.

How to fly in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, there is no short path to a flying broom. Players will receive it automatically as part of the main plot, as soon as they finish the flight class. After that, as the player moves, the player can buy a flying broom. Having received it, players can use it to move the Hogwarts heritage world. After the players completed the quest Rest Gala, the next thing they need to do is take flight lessons from Madame Koala.

End the flight class

Players in Hogwarts Legacy must perform a quest flying class to get a flying broom. In this quest, players study some basics of a flying broom and fly over an open area.

However, for the flight class, the players of the quest chain should be at 6. Firstly, players need to go to the flight class. There, Madame Koala will teach players the following bases: For lateral movement, use W, A, S and D keys. The gap can be used for lifting, and Ctrl is the key to descent. Click the key to make your character move quickly. To switch the explosion speed, go through the rings. After these foundations, complete the tasks set for you. After you complete the tasks, the student will ask you to accompany it during the flight. Do not bother and do as he says. As soon as you return to Earth, the quest will be completed, and a dialog box that indicates this will appear on the screen.

Go to the Hogs mid area.

As soon as the players finish the quest, they will need to go to Hogs mid, where you will find a store where you can buy a broom. When players open the card, the Hogs mid area is displayed in the field on the left side of the screen. Here, players will also see other available quests in which players can take part to achieve various goals. Then players should use the fast movement function and head towards Hogs mid. Having reached the region, players must find a store called spin twitches sports needs.

Buy a flying broom

Players should visit the Spin twitches Sporting Needs store to buy a flying broom. As soon as you find yourself in Hogs mid, find the store on the map and install the quests' tracker. He should bring you straight to the store where you can buy a broom. Amber Dash Metal is the first broom that becomes accessible to the players.


This broom requires 600 coins. Therefore, if you have 600 coins, click X on the controller, and you will get a broom. Remember the flight class lessons, and you will soon fly at Hogwarts.


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