Naldo's Complaint: Ex-Derby Hero Expresses Disappointment in FC Schalke 04's Development

The previous Bundesliga expert Waldo still has wish for the transfer of FC Schalke 04, but sees the basic development in his ex-club. The entire club has not presented itself well in current years. Bad decisions have been made, and incorrect gamers have been committed, specifically in the relegation season, said Waldo in the WAS interview. It injures me that Schalke is now fighting again. I suffer with the club. Schalke is so big, they have to be a top club. However, it does not assist the club to talk a lot about the past. It has to go up again action by action. Guts with regard to the relegation battle had the looks of the S04 under coach Thomas Was last, said Waldo. Schalke revealed a great deal of mentality in the 0-0 versus Playback. They were at least at eye level versus a strong opponent. It looked pretty excellent defensive. It was for the table 18. Everything is still possible, the range to the competition is not that big. You shouldn't dream now, you have to keep it on the pitch and fight it out of this scenario. Every video game must be a last for Schalke, added the 40-year-old, who was under contract between 2016 and 2018 on Schalke and celebrated himself in club history with his objective at the legendary 4: 4 in the district derby versus Borussia Dortmund.

coach intermezzo at FC Schalke 04 a heart matter for Naldo explained the fact that he was offered as an assistant coach in 2020/2021 before relegation half a year as a co-coach. The scenario was tough because the team was not a genuine group and had no self-confidence.


In the end it was regrettably inadequate for the club. The function of assistance coach under Manuel Baum, Hub Stevens and Christian Gross was an exciting experience for him, said the Brazilian, however I observed that the training task was not the right thing for me. I was even a gamer every weekend En route and barely had time for my family, as a coach it is even more demanding. Today Waldo works as a gamer consultant. He might now divide his time more easily, discussed the 358-time Bundesliga gamer.

Schalke is so big, they have to be a top club. It doesn't help the club to talk a lot about the past. Schalke showed a lot of mindsets in the 0-0 versus Playback. Every game should be a last for Schalke, added the 40-year-old,


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