Optimize Your Computer for Maximum Performance in Hogwarts Legacy: Tips for Increasing FPS

Exploring Hogwarts Legacy by yourself on your own can make your own computer sweat rather a bit. There are likewise technical problems that ensure that the journey to the digital magic school is rather jerking.

That does not necessarily have to be. Anybody who tries a little in the graphics settings of Hogwarts Tradition will quickly find that some settings cost a great deal of frames without a substantial qualitative enhancement. We'll tell you which graphics settings you can safely leave on the left in order to have the ability to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy with a trendy look.

Hogwarts Tradition: Before the Settings

Prior to we go to the Legacy's choice menu, 2 more things have to be considered. On the one hand, the system requirements of the action role-playing game: they fall out extremely in a different way and a minimum of largely fulfill their purpose. Whose hardware is more at the bottom of the requirements, you definitely need to accept some graphic compromises. But even players with present high-end hardware are not insusceptible to efficiency slumps.

In addition, in a separate article, we will tell you which settings you can activate in Windows and in your graphics chauffeur in order to generally assist a little of your hardware. Today's default settings already provide a round picture, however it typically assists to produce a hand yourself.

Hogwarts Tradition: The very best graphics settings

Now we concern the video game and its settings. After you have started Hogwarts Tradition, you open the option menu and concentrate on the graphics settings-they are divided into screen and graphic as with numerous modern video games.

You don't have to set that much in the location, however there are still a couple of indicate think about:

  • Window mode: either full screen or full screen mode
  • Scaling: Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR 2, depending on the graphics card
  • Methods: Nvidia DLSS Vehicle or Quality, at AMD FSR you rely on quality
  • Frame generation: activated if supported
  • Nvidia reflex low latency: triggered if supported
  • Sync: from
  • Frame rate: 60 fps or higher, depending on the monitor and hardware utilized

You can choose the other settings, such as movement blur or depth of field. If you like these graphic results, you can let it up, since you just have minimal or no impact on the efficiency itself.

The settings in the graphic menu are more crucial. Here we advise you on the following settings and not for those advised by the video game:

  • Quality of the effects: high
  • Product quality: high
  • Fog quality: low or medium
  • Paradise quality: low or medium
  • Leaf quality: high
  • Each processing quality: high
  • Shadow quality: medium
  • Texture quality: high
  • Presence quality: medium
  • Population quality: high
  • Ray tracing reflections: off
  • Ray tracing shadow: off
  • Ray tracing environment cover: from

Only when it comes to ray tracing do we encourage versus activation even at high-end hardware. The alternatives cost a lot of efficiency anyway and when it comes to Hogwarts Tradition, the optical dive is hardly ever worth mentioning. In addition, some unpleasant graphics errors can take place with triggered ray tracing.

The settings are primarily targeted at a computer with a fairly up-to-date hardware, i.e. from an Nvidia graphics card of the RTX 2000 series or the matching AMD equivalent in a full HD resolution. Depending on the hardware, you can obviously still adjust with the settings.

Even with the fog, you do not necessarily have to pick the greatest setting. If in doubt, the presentation costs a great deal of your valuable FPS, however aesthetically there are only partly distinctions. Here you can quickly select the most affordable or medium setting and lose nearly nothing in the atmosphere.


More info about Hogwarts Tradition

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In other places, we will tell you how precisely the home and magic election in Hogwarts Tradition works and what effects this has on your storage stand. You can find a lot more details in our big overview of Hogwarts Legacy.

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