Complete the Return to Sender Mission in Control AWE - A Fun Trip Through Time

The Go back to Sender goal in Control Awe is a fun journey in the past for anyone remembering the chains of letters. The whimsical letters of genuine life are not realized, the odd world of control suggests that the lead character Jesse Baden can not take any danger of not sending the one she finds. To start this secondary quest, you have to most likely to the unique offices in the investigation market. You are advancing in this area while you play, so once you have located the control point in this region, search for a collection of mail distribution tubes close by. The chain letter gets on the table in front of it. If you missed it when reviewing your initial analysis, you can go promptly to this checkpoint to recover it. When the letter is in your possession, you should duplicate it three times as well as spread it in the investigation sector. To photocopy the letter, go quickly to the operations. Eliminate all the enemies of Hiss you meet, then head back to the first stage. This is the component of the part in front of the gigantic map of the United States. There is a printer on this history wall. Interact with him 3 times to create three duplicates of the letter. From there, you have to promptly most likely to 3 sectors-the passage of civil services, abandoned workplaces and the observation platform-to screen the copies of the letter. Rapidly take a trip per of them and use the mail circulation tubes to send them.


Any kind of tube system will do the technique, so do not fret to choose an incorrect system.

Quickly go back to offset offices to find the resource of the chain letter when this is over. Interact with the customized item in a newly found space close by to finish the mission.


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