February Trading Post Items Missing: Invisible Mount Arrives - News

Undoubtedly Snowstorm will be repairing this soon, so you shouldn't stress excessive concerning it, and as an included bonus offer, among the missing mounts, Ash' Adar, Harbinger of Dawn, is actually functioning... much better?

Well, it appears the March refresh of the Trading Message went a little crazy as players are reporting losing their products obtained through the February offering! This consists of everything from cosmetics to the mounts.

Trading Message Missing items huge string.


by u/PaPaPorti09 in wow

it's a cool bug desire it was genuine haha superman design by u/Limeño in wow

Trading Article things bugged/gone?

We'll see how lengthy it requires to repair this concern, however in the meanwhile, if you got the Ash' Adar place, opt for a really undetectable ride!

Greet to my „ Dark Iron Dwarf riding on „ Ashlar.


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